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AAK Industry Co., Ltd is mainly committed to the production of various hydraulic valve blocks, pressure control valves, threaded cartridge valves and other hydraulic products, with perfect processing equipment, mature production technology and professional design team. Since its establishment, our company has been adhering to the service concept of "quality first" and "customer first". Our products are not only supplied to the domestic market, but also exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions, deeply favored by the majority of customers.
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AAK hydraulic valve to ensure the accuracy of the inner hole, and no vibration and noise, Canadian client impressed
The inner hole accuracy of hydraulic valve has always been the uncompromising point of AAK quality control. AAK is not only equipped with high-precision production equipment, but also strictly controls the precision of the die for the inner hole in the ea
With 10 years of hydraulic experience, AAK hydraulic has become the first choice for purchasing by many of the world's top 500 enterprises
In the past 10 years since entering the hydraulic industry, although the process of doing hydraulic is bitter, we have gained the happiness of "doing things that others can't do" and "doing things that others don't want to do" on the way of hydraulic. Alt
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